QKZ EARPHONE Best Earphone Brand In The World

Today we will talk about a brand that is best in the entire world.

QKZ EARPHONE Best Earphone Brand In The World

An earphone brand that few people know but it can be competitively branded as an Apple brand only, After the name of the brand you might say, this angle is a brand, brother. Very few people know this in India. That brand is QKZ. World's Expensive Brand Have ever read about this brand. 
QKZ is a brand that produces high-quality earphone, its wireless earphone is very class, Water Resistance Smooth Airbuds, and many other such features are seen in this brand.Their earphones are purchased in many countries except India.

QKZ EARPHONE Best Earphone Brand In The World

Their products QKZ CK5, QKZ CK6, QKZ CK8, QKZ DM7 that range from 300 to 500 rupees. Samsung's earphone in the same quality comes from 500 to 1000 rupees. 

Today we will see about one of its products


Earphone authentic c Earphones twin driver With Mic gaming headset mp3 DJ area Headset 

Headphone proper QKZ KD4 Earphones twin driver With Mic gaming headset mp3 DJ on line online Headset 

particular in-ear EarphoneOriginal QKZ KD4 Earphone With Mic In-Ear Earbud QKZ KD4 Earphones Mini twin motive forcegreater Bass faster huge Sound gaming headset mp3 DJ on-line Headset.


QKZ KD4 : https://amzn.to/2Oxp6IG


sort: Piston In-Ear Earphone 

specialized Specification 

1. clothpc Mini dual driver 

2. Weight: 20g 

3. Speaker: eight mm NdFeB speaker Mini twin driving force 

4. Speaker power: Rated input manipulate: 3mW, maximum data manage: 5mW 

5. Impedance:sixteenω±15% 

6. Speaker Sensitivity: 96±3dB (at 1KHz 1mW) 

7. Speaker Frequency response: 20-20K Hz 

8. Receiver Sensitivity: - 42dB±3dB1kHz, 3V 0dB=1V/dad 

nineinterest Temperature: - 10 Celsius - +forty Celsius 

ability: Play/Pause, answer/Off, Noise Cancelling, Microphone 

excellent :For Xiaomi Tablet1, pill 2, xiaomi redmi note1 2 3 

For Samsung Glaxy s6,s7,s6 part,s7 aspect 

For Huawei, LG, Sony and different android cell telephones 

For iPhone four 4s five 5s 6 6s,for iphone 6plus, 6s or extra for iPad and so forth. IOS devices 

For Mp3 Mp4 playerstablets computersevery of the three.5mm music players

bundle weight: Approx. 30g/1.1oz 

link length: 1.2m 

QKZ EARPHONE Best Earphone Brand In The World


high-quality streamlining of elite patent, steel composite vibrating membrance. 

The ergonomic on lineoutononline, areola evaluation silicone ear muffs. 

Ear and tail pipe association with sideways edge on-line, agreeable and easy to wear

It has amazing sound, make the maximum of your existence

a really perfect present for yourself or partner 

manufacturing plant value + Prossional design crew + quality controls group Checking first-rate earlier than transportation + professional After- 

advantage group gain + 24 hours 

Outsourcing assist

bargain massive rebate bolster! 

Releted QKZ Earphones

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